API Tube Continuous Quenching/Tempering Furnace

The equipment of Q/T heat treatment furnace of Handuk R-FECO is a system which is for high-intensity steel pipe used for producing crude oil, natural gas.

We produce OCTG (Oil Well Pipe – Digging & Drilling for Oil) which is outstanding for corrosion resistance, stress resistance and corrosion cracking by QUENCHING SYSTEM which is powerful, précised for temperature control and available for option operation with reducing/oxidizing by heating system that uses radiant heat.

Through transferring and heating 1 ~ pipes with BARREL ROLLER operating method, it is possible to heat the pipe entirely at the same temperature so that at the end of the production we are able to have an uniformity product.

[ The range of the system production  : 2ton/hr ~ 20ton/hr – 900℃ ]